China FM slams US officials for ignorance, hypocrisy over Xinjiang

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/12/4 18:48:40

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying speaks at a daily breifing. File photo: VCG

The Chinese Foreign Ministry called US politicians too ignorant, shameless and hypocritical for preaching "conscience" to China on the ethnic minority issue, following the US officials' latest comments on China's Xinjiang policy. 

"I heard many of the US senators and politicians have not been to China and its northwestern Xinjiang. How can they represent China's 1.4 billion people, or 25 million Xinjiang residents with their groundless and fabricated comments on Xinjiang's situation? You are too self-righteous and arrogant," Hua Chunying, spokesperson of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said at a routine press conference on Wednesday.

Hua's remarks came after US politicians' comments on Xinjiang, following the US House of Representatives' passage of the so-called Uyghur Act on Tuesday. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called China's treatment of the Uyghurs "an outrage to the collective conscience of the world."

Republican congressman Chris Smith called China's "modern-day concentration camps" in Xinjiang "audaciously repressive" involving the "mass internment of millions on a scale not seen since the Holocaust."

Hua said US history is the blood, sweat and tears history of Indians. The US army expelled and killed Indians, occupied their land and seized countless natural resources in the 19th century, Hua said.

Indians only account for two percent of the total population of the US. They suffer from poor infrastructure, lack of water and electricity, and face unemployment, poverty and disease. 

"In view of these startling facts, are they really unaware of this? Where is their conscience?" Hua asked.

The preventive and counter-terrorism efforts China adopted have won the support of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and the international community. China's efforts deserve US praise and learning, Hua said.

Hua said that the US would ultimately "eat its own bitter fruit" if it continues to play a double standard on counter-terrorism or even attempt to violate the sovereignty and security of another country. 

Hua also asked US journalists who attended the conference to deliver Chinese ordinary people's voices on the "Xinjiang act." 

Hua quoted Chinese people as saying, "The US has messed up with Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Now they want to mess up with China's Hong Kong and Xinjiang, which is wishful thinking and impossible."

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