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Source:Global Times Published: 2019/12/5 17:48:40

Models ramp walk during the Toutiao Fashion Gala Photo: Courtesy of Yan Xi

Models ramp walk during the Toutiao Fashion Gala Photo: Courtesy of Yan Xi


Models ramp walk during the Toutiao Fashion Gala Photo: Courtesy of Yan Xi


The unremitting rise of China's fashion force has garnered appreciable attention at home and aboard. From popular fashion labels like Li Ning and Bosideng to young talented Chinese designers, they are injecting a new impetus among Chinese fashionistas. "The diversity behind China's trends must be rooted in the local culture. In the US, it is the street culture, one of which is the brand Supreme as well as other elements like street dances, hip-hop, and basketball," said Chinese designer Hu Sheguang on Thursday at the Toutiao Fashion Gala hosted by Toutiao, a news site from China. 

"Chinese elements have played major roles in the fashion circle. Young Chinese feel more and more confident of our culture and China's own fashion is also acknowledged by them," added Hu, who apart from having a plethora of honors under his name also served the European royal families and international stars for years. 

Chinese elements 

According to Hu, Chinese elements have been featured in various fashion shows, including overseas fashion houses. Chinese characters and Chinese-style floral prints have been used in his designs. "No matter which element, you still need to do some more work including redesigning and changing its expression fitting modern taste," he said. 

On November 27, French fashion outlet Jean Paul Gaultier and Chinese down jacket brand Bosideng released their latest collaboration. It seems like a fusion of a global trend with Chinese elements. 

"Design makes China's own fashion trend stand out. The mainstream tastes have accepted this, alongside the fast-developing designs. In the future, I will consider China's mainstream taste in my collections, every season," he added.  

Fashion gala

Hu also exhibited some of his designs on the stage of Toutiao Fashion Gala, which aims to boost China's domestic fashion trends and lifestyle. 

Hong Fei, the general manager of Toutiao announced the annual fashion index that included make-ups, fashion attires, and live streaming shows. Numerous male and female actors and celebrities were conferred with various awards for their achievement in different fields. Chinese actors Zheng Shuang and Huang Jue were honored with Fashion Actress of the Year and Fashion Actor of the Year awards, respectively. Champion swimmer Sun Yang was awarded Sports Figure of the Year. 

To boost the gala and catch more eyeballs, the organizers streamed its promotional videos on the streets of France's Cannes. The move was aimed at spreading the wings of China's fashion trends overseas.

Newspaper headline: Chinese Fashion excels

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