US intimidation in Taiwan Straits scares no one

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/12/6 20:58:40

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Senator Rick Scott suggested to the US Defense Department on Thursday that Taiwan should be given more opportunities for US Navy supplies, according to VOA Chinese. As China has refused US warships' port visits to Hong Kong after the so-called Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act was signed into law in the US, Scott proposed that US warships could visit Taiwan to express support for the island. VOA Chinese claimed that China's refusal of Hong Kong visits has increased US willingness to send its warships to Taiwan.

The US should stop imagining that it can pressure China by increasing military exchanges between the US and Taiwan island. The Taiwan Straits is not a place where Washington can wantonly show off its muscle, and Washington needs to be aware of the unbearable risks of doing so. We must particularly repeat this warning to the Taiwan authority as it always expects US protection under whatever condition.

Military strengths across the Taiwan Straits have undergone a historical change. The People's Liberation Army (PLA) has the ability to ensure the authority of the Anti-Secession Law and fight back against any extreme provocations for "Taiwan independence." The mainland has the firm will to use all means to defend national sovereignty.

If the US and Taiwan promote military and other exchanges, the mainland is bound to increase military pressure to make the Taiwan authority pay the price. The US will be bringing disgrace to itself. PLA warplanes have crossed the "middle line," and that was only a warning.

If the US and the Taiwan authority go even further, PLA warplanes flying across the "middle line" can be normalized. Our warships can cross the "middle line" and approach the Taiwan island as well.

Once the US and the Taiwan authority push it to the extreme, PLA warplanes will definitely fly over the island to declare sovereignty over Taiwan and offset the damage to China's sovereignty. PLA warplanes may even buzz Taiwan's so-called "presidential building" to blow the arrogance of "Taiwan independence."

PLA Navy warships can sail directly into Taiwan's ports or dock on Taiwan's coastlines when necessary. The Marine Corps can even land peacefully on Taiwan's coastline.

This will be an extreme situation. As long as the Taiwan authority and Washington dare to play such a game, the mainland will keep them company. In the meantime, if Taiwan troops fire the first shot at the PLA, they would definitely face a devastating response. That means the outbreak of the Taiwan Straits war.

The Taiwan authority must understand that the island is completely under the mainland's effective military control. Beijing pursues the policy of peaceful reunification, which is the goodwill of the mainland. We have left time for the process of peaceful reunification, but it by no means represents the Chinese nation's hesitation on reunification, nor does it condone "Taiwan independence." It is impossible for "Taiwan independence" forces to make a political and military breakthrough during the process.

Because of the unstoppable rise of the mainland, the price of US interference in cross-Straits affairs is increasing. Some US elite want to contain China's rise, but US society will not support Washington to engage in a Taiwan Straits battle. It has been deeply rooted in the mainland people's hearts that Taiwan is our core interest. Chinese society will crack down on "Taiwan independence" at any cost.

If the Taiwan authority is still unaware of the historical changes in the Taiwan Straits' geopolitical situation, still believes that it will be safe as long as it clings to the US and still ignores the damage to Chinese national sovereignty, it will be incurably wrong. Then the Taiwan authority is welcome to collude with the US and wait for the above-mentioned incidents to happen.

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