Sweden must bear consequences of the current severe difficulties in China-Sweden relations: Chinese envoy

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/12/20 11:15:46

Photo: Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Sweden

The Swedish side which insisted on interfering in China's internal affairs and judicial sovereignty must take responsibility and bear the consequences of the current severe difficulties in China-Sweden relations, a Chinese envoy said after Sweden issued an award of "freedom of speech" to Gui Minhai, a criminal with a severe traffic offense and suspected of illegally providing Chinese state secrets to foreign entities.

Chinese ambassador to Sweden Gui Congyou made the remarks in a recent exclusive interview with Swedish media Dagens industri, according to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden.

The Svenska PEN grossly interfered in China's internal affairs by issuing the award to Gui Minhai earlier this month, and the Culture Minister of Sweden has openly supported this, the ambassador said.

"It is a big mistake, and must be corrected by the erring persons. Only in this way can China-Sweden relations get back on the right track," the ambassador said.

The ambassador refuted accusations that China denied Gui Minhai of basic human rights, saying his case is in no way a human rights case.

Gui Minhai killed a college girl while drunk driving without a license over 10 years ago, and then he was arrested for being suspected of illegally providing state secrets and intelligence to overseas entities.

The ambassador said that Chinese police have been dealing with this case according to the law and legal procedures, and the Chinese judicial authorities will start a trial and reach a judgment.

This is judicial sovereignty of China, and it does not allow any foreign interference, the ambassador said.

Referring to questions that whether Gui Minhai is alive, the ambassador said that he is not only alive, but also living quite well.

Whether Gui Minhai is living and how he is living is a question that needs to be asked to the Swedish doctor that visited Gui Minhai last August, the ambassador said.

"When some Swedish media outlets and politicians circulate all kinds of rumors of Gui Minhai being treated inhumanely, the Swedish doctor that did see him remained silent. It gives us an impression that on China-related topics rumors and fake news are everywhere, but no one says things that are objective and fair," the ambassador said.

The ambassador said that the Chinese side has canceled the meeting of the China-Sweden Joint Committee on Economic, Industrial, and Technical Cooperation, scheduled to be held in Stockholm on December 10, because of the gross interference of the Swedish side in China's internal affairs. Chinese business delegations also canceled their plans to visit Sweden recently.

"There is no doubt that the Swedish side has to take full responsibility and bear the consequences," the ambassador said.

However, the ambassador said that those who are willing to conduct friendly cooperation are welcome with China. 

He said that he was glad to have read the comments by the CEO and Chairman of a shipping company in Gothenburg and Volvo Car on China-Sweden relations and cooperation with China recently. 

"Their remarks are representative of the views of the Swedish business community on China-Sweden relations," the ambassador said.

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