Chinese fan's hand-drawn pictures of South Korean singer Oh Se-hun go viral

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/12/25 16:01:46

Photo: Screenshot of a drawing of Oh Se-hun by Onlysehuni

Three drawings of South Korean star Oh Se-hun went viral on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo on Monday. According to the Chinese fan who posted them, they were drawn by hand using a computer.

In the drawings, Oh can be seen wearing a pink vest and a black baseball hat while holding a microphone in his right hand and touching an earphone in his ear with his left. The drawings were based on photos from the singer's Tokyo tour. 

The drawings looked so photorealistic that some netizens couldn't believe they were real drawings instead of photos.

The artist, who goes by Onlysehuni on Sina Weibo, posted photos of her creative process on the platform to prove they were all drawn by hand.

Onlysehuni said she likes to draw pictures of Oh out of admiration for him and that the reason she copied the Tokyo tour photos is that she said they were too blurry. She added that if other fans have blurry photos that she could fix, she would be happy to help.

Most of Oh's Chinese fans and netizens left positive comments praising Onlysehuni's drawing skills and asking for more pictures.




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