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Source:Global Times Published: 2019/12/30 18:44:15

Xiao Zhan and Zhang Shaohan sang an adapted version of Alan Walker's hit Faded, MBC Entertainment Awards trended on Sina Weibo for awards given to Henry Lau and Park Na-rae, Wang Yuan had a misunderstanding about the weather in Hainan Province as he was seen wearing a down coat when taking a flight there.

#Wang Yuan misunderstood weather in Hainan#

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Wang Yuan. Photo: CNSPhoto

Chinese boy band TFBoys member Wang Yuan took a flight from Beijing to Haikou, capital city of South China's Hainan Province on Sunday.

He was seen wearing a painted down coat in photos taken at the airport either in Beijing or in Haikou. Chinese netizens joked online that the little brother, a nickname for every member of TFBoys must have been afraid of the cold when arriving at new places in tours but forgot that Hainan Province is usually about 20 degree Celsius! 

Wang took the trip to rehearse for Hunan Satellite's New Year gala set to live stream on Tuesday night. 

#XiaoZhan and Zhang Shaohan sang Faded#

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Chinese actors Wang Yibo(left) and Xiao Zhan

 Chinese singer-actor Xiao Zhan and singer-actress Zhang Shaohan sang an adapted version of Alan Walker's "Faded" on the stage of Dragon TV's singing variety show Our Songs in the latest episode broadcast Sunday.  

Wearing a black leather biker jacket and with his hair combed into a bun, Xiao sang the opening verse melodiously and in a soothing rhythm. Xiao rocked the stage when he turned to a live DJ during the chorus. The audience at the filming studio were screaming and swung with the music under the stage.

Zhang sang the highest parts of the song. The two singers repeated the refrain "where are you now" interactively and generated dramatic effects of wandering and confused feelings.

# MBC Entertainment Awards #

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Photo: CNSPhoto

 MBC Entertainment Awards is an annual year-end entertainment ceremony presented by South Korean leading television and radio network company Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, and awards the best performing programs and artists. It trended on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo because of awards given to Chinese-Canadian singer-actor Henry Lau.

Lau, the former Super Junior member, was awarded Best Couple with Kian 84 and Best Teamwork with Kian 84, Lee Si-eon and Sung Hoon. Lau and his fellow award winners are all members of Rainbow Club, a group of single celebrities who feature in unscripted variety show I Live Alone.

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