Director Xu Zheng’s film ‘Lost in Russia’ to debut on Chinese New Year’s Day

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/19 17:48:41

The cast of Lost in Russia Photo: Courtesy of Max Times

Chinese director and actor Xu Zheng's latest work Lost in Russia began presales and prescreenings in Beijing on Friday, a week before hitting cinemas on Saturday, the first day of the Chinese New Year. 

The family-reunion-themed comedy follows Xu's character and his mother as they take a warm-heartening train trip from Beijing to Moscow. 

According to Xu, the film seeks to ignite audiences nostalgia for a time decades ago when China had close ties with Russia and Chinese would often travel to Moscow with friends and family.  

In the film, Ivan (Xu), who got his name from his mom's favorite Russian movie Childhood of Ivan, accidently ends up on the trip with his mother, who has dreamed for decades of traveling to the Russian capital. However, what should be a quiet trip leads to hilarious hijinks, as the two encounter one problem after another. 

At a press event, the director said that filming and directing the movie meant a lot to him as it helped him improve his own relationship with mother. 

"In China, sons and daughters are shy when it comes to expressing their love for their parents... I hope this movie can give people something warm and touching, and show them how to make the move to express their love."

The film's exotic locations along the international railway such as Siberia and Lake Baikal have also increased anticipation for the film.  

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