'Dying to Survive' prototype buys thousands of face masks from India in coronavirus fight

By Ji Yuqiao Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2020/2/3 1:49:47

Photo: Weibo account of Lu Yong

Photo: Weibo account of Lu Yong

Lu Yong, the prototype of the 2018 Chinese hit film Dying to Survive, announced on his Weibo account he had purchased 3,000 protective goggles and 3,000 N95 masks in India to support Chinese doctors fighting the novel coronavirus.

The film portrays Lu who became well-known after importing affordable generic anti-cancer drugs from India and selling them online to help chronic myeloid leukemia patients in China.

Lu said that he went to India on Wednesday and used a truck to transport protective goggles and masks that had been purchased locally to a nearby airport.

Lu also thanked Indian authorities and said the police allowed him to pass after learning the medical supplies were for Chinese doctors fighting the coronavirus.

Lu also included photos of protective goggles and face masks packed in multiple boxes. In one photo, Lu can be seen driving a green truck with an Indian man transporting medical supplies to an airport.

Chinese netizens praised Lu's efforts. 

Following the release of Dying to Survive, Lu was dubbed the "Medicine God" due to his efforts in providing inexpensive medicine to Chinese mainland leukemia patients. Netizens have said that Lu deserves the nickname. 

"Lu's behavior can inspire more ordinary people to contribute to the fight against the novel coronavirus," said Shi Wenxue, a teacher at the Beijing Film Academy, to the Global Times on Sunday. "He can only buy a limited number of protective goggles and masks, but to many Chinese, he is a forceful example."

Shi said Dying to Survive surpassed 3 billion yuan at the box office and inspired over 89 million people to see the film at mainland cinemas. The film also influenced the country's medicine and health sectors.

The issue of expensive cancer-fighting drugs was officially highlighted with the approval of the film's release. Through public attention and supervision, 17 new cancer drugs were included in the national health insurance system in October 2018, which meant their prices could be lowered 56.7 percent.

Shi added that Lu, who has a positive image, can attract more people to join the fight against the coronavirus, like the social developments inspired by his story.

Media also reported that China's civil aviation hero, Liu Chuanjian, who completed a miracle emergency landing in Chengdu after a cockpit windshield cracked at a high altitude during a flight to Lhasa from Southwest China's Chongqing, flew over 120 doctors from Sichuan to Wuhan on Sunday. 

According to the report, Liu volunteered for the flight task.

Liu's story was depicted in the film, The Chinese Pilot, commonly known as the Chinese version of the US film Sully

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