Chinese videos games offering players staying at home amid novel coronavirus outbreak special romantic events for Valentine's Day

By Liu Zhongyin Source:Global Times Published: 2020/2/12 21:03:07

Promotional material for Love and Producer Photo: Weibo

Love and Producer, a popular Chinese romance sim, broke into the trending list on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo on Tuesday after announcing it would be providing a special Valentine's Day-themed exploration storyline from Thursday to February 23.

This activity excited fans of the game, who gave the post more than 156,000 views and excitedly talked about the potentially wonderful experience revealed in story cards. 

Many Chinese have spent a prolonged Spring Festival holiday quarantined at home, durng which many turned to online games for a pleasure. Some of these online games crashed due to the massive amounts of visitor numbers over the past few days.

While many people have returned to work, the epidemic still hasn't been contained, as such playing video games at home on Valentines' Day has become an attractive option for video game lovers, thus providing a great opportunity for developers.

Other major romance games have also announced special Valentines' Day events, such as 100 Sleeping Princes and The Kingdom of Dreams.

A 23-year-old University Student and loyal fan of Love and Producer surnamed Wang told the Global Times on Wednesday that she has been playing video games often since she was isolating herself at home and didn't need to worry about studying at the moment.

Love and Producer has been downloaded more than 29 million times on Android systems since its release in December 2017, according to mobile data analysis platform ASO100. 

"I think the roles in Love and Producer have distinctive characteristics and the games are various with exquisite story cards. The storylines are appealing, although playing the game is costly," another loyal fan who works in the tourism industry and prefered to stay anonymous told the Global Times.

"One major reason that romance games are popular is that these games let us experience the sweet aspects of life and humanity with their rich scenes and settings based on real life. We may not be able to arrange special activities for every festival but we can receive greetings and caring at a special time in these romance games," Wang said.

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