China's first intelligent cabin hospital delivered in Wuhan with robots offering 24/7 service

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/3/9 21:33:40

A medical assistant robot Photo: Courtesy of CloudMinds

China's first intelligent cabin hospital has been delivered in Wuhan, with 12 sets of 5G-enabled intelligent robots offering 24/7 service in the hospital, including inspection and disinfection. Medical assistant robots can even help patients with dancing or exercising.

A medical assistant robot named Ginger was seen leading patients to dance in the hospital in a video sent to the Global Times by the robot's developer, CloudMinds, a cloud intelligent robot operator headquartered in Beijing.

Ginger can also offer information consultation and other services, which can ease patients' psychological pressure and boost their confidence.

Among the 12 sets of robots donated by CloudMinds to the hospital, there are also robots offering services such as inspection, security, disinfection and delivery, according to a statement from the company.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in late January, Wuhan has been under huge pressure to offer sufficient medical services. Several exhibition halls and indoor stadiums have been repurposed as "cabin hospitals" that can offer treatment for patients with milder infections and minimize the risks of further spread of the disease.

Technical support in this situation can increase efficiency of treatment and epidemic prevention. High-tech companies across the country have been actively coming up with new products and solutions to help combat the virus.

Different kinds of delivery robots have been installed in hospitals to help deliver medicine and food. 5G enabled thermometer robots have been set up in train stations and buildings, and disinfection robots are on duty to disinfect streets and buildings.

With all-out efforts to contain the spread of the virus, China on Sunday recorded 40 new confirmed cases, in which 36 were from Wuhan and four came from overseas.

The hospital was jointly built by telecom carrier China Mobile, communications company China Potevio Co and CloudMinds.

Global Times


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