Huawei secures UK telecom system, warns against disrupting 5G

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/4/13 22:28:40

A woman listens to a debate at Huawei Cyber Security Transparency Center in Brussels, Belgium, on Jan. 30, 2020.(Xinhua/Zhang Cheng)

Huawei is working with UK telecoms operators to secure local network operations amid the COVID-19 outbreak, but some British criticism of Huawei's involvement in the 5G rollout in the country will disrupt the Chinese firm's efforts and hurt the UK itself, a corporate executive said on Monday.

COVID-19 is adding pressure on British telecom systems as people are asked to stay home. Data usage has soared by more than 50 percent since the virus first hit the UK, Zhang Jiangang, vice president of Huawei, said in an open letter.

"We're working with UK telecoms operators including Vodafone, BT, EE and Three to keep businesses online," Zhang said, noting that to support the effort, Huawei set up three new warehouses. It is also redistributing key spare parts around the country to ensure continuity of supply.

Despite Huawei's business cooperation in the UK in the last two decades, there has been criticism from some politicians in UK about Huawei's involvement in the UK's 5G rollout.

Former British conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith in March tabled a legislative amendment that sets a time limit on Huawei's role in the UK's 5G network, and he indicated that the UK government is unlikely to use Huawei, according to media reports.

Such criticism is groundless, Zhang said.

"There are those who choose to continue to attack us without presenting any evidence," he added. "Disrupting our involvement in the 5G rollout would do Britain a disservice."

"By keeping Britain online, we are able to play our part in helping the country through this difficult period," Zhang said. "It is only by working together that we can overcome this global pandemic."

Huawei said in February that it had been awarded 91 commercial 5G contracts and about half of them were in Europe. 

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