TV show commemorates fight against COVID-19

By Ji Yuqiao Published: 2020/4/26 21:35:22

Photo: Screenshot of TV show This is Light at Youku video

As the COVID-19 pandemic has reached manageable levels in many regions in China, several cultural events have been launched to commemorate the Chinese people's courageous fight against the virus, including a newly released TV show This is Light.

The show, which debuted on Saturday, invited some medical workers who battled on the frontlines of the fight to share their experiences and perform alongside entertainers to pay tribute to all those who fought against the epidemic, according to The Beijing News.

Jackson Yee, a member of popular Chinese boy band TFBOYS, took part in the show, performing in full PPE gear alongside medical workers at a makeshift hospital. After the performance, the young idol with more than 80 million followers on Sina Weibo said that the experience finally made him understand how difficult it is to work in one of these suits. 

Yee's dance performance has helped more Chinese netizens to understand the contributions of these frontline medical workers. Many of these netizens took to social media to show their gratitude, leading to the related hashtag earning more than 280 million views as of Sunday afternoon.

"When I searched for Jackson news on Sina Weibo, I saw him dancing on the TV show with three medical workers. To be honest, I did not know what the show was before watching these clips about my idol, but now I have decided to follow such a meaningful show," a Yee fan surnamed Zhang told the Global Times on Sunday.

She said that she felt very proud of her idol for being willing to join the show and become a positive role model.

"Jackson's presence can attract more young people and gather them together to commemorate the Chinese people's courageous fight against the pandemic. This is his power as an idol and I am happy to see him using this power correctly," she added.

Photo: Screenshot of TV show This is Light at Youku video

This is Light will consist of three "chapters." The first chapter will tell the touching stories of medical workers on the frontlines, the second chapter will focus on the former virus epicenter Wuhan and its people, and the third part will demonstrate how China carried out its responsibility as a major country in the global war by helping other regions bring the pandemic under control, The Beijing News said.

Besides entertainers such as Yee, heroic medical expert Li Lanjuan, one of the iconic figures in the national fight against COVID-19, and head of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital Zhang Dingyu will also talk about their experiences on the show.

Other cultural events, including exhibitions about China's anti-pandemic response, have also been launched.

One exhibition that opened on Thursday in Shanghai showcases anti-epidemic messages sent by celebrities and protective equipment donated by anti-epidemic workers and collectives, according to a report by the China News Service.

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