Chinese artist portrays life amid COVID-19 epidemic in paintings

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/5/5 19:13:40

The Dragon by Shu Yong Photo: Courtesy of Shu Yong

100 days, 100 paintings… In his new public art project, Chinese artist Shu Yong has sought to record what life was like during the COVID-19 epidemic by painting those who have been fighting on the frontlines against the deadly virus since January 26. 

Using a traditional Chinese water ink style, the artist said he hopes his painting can portray the determination and devotion of Chinese people as well as provide some tips in preventing the spread of the virus. 

In his painting Magic Needle, the painter said he hopes to remind people how traditional Chinese medicine has been effective in preventing and treating minor symptoms of COVID-19 by using the symbol of an acupuncture needle. 

His paintings, together with English illustrations, have been uploaded onto social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram withg the hashtag #FightingCOVID-19withArt. 

"I want to allow more foreign audiences learn about Chinese people's useful experiences such as their international cooperation efforts and stay-at-home practices," Shu said. 

"Only by working together can we save more lives." 

Among these paintings, The Lock features a traditional Chinese lock that represents how the "stay-at-home order" locks up our bodies and keeps us away from each other, but our hearts are still connected. 

Meanwhile, The Dragon shows how all Chinese are "descendants of the dragon." 

"The entire country will give you the hardest scales. We believe that if Wuhan wins, China wins."

The project will continue until the epidemic ends, said the artist, who added that he will donate all his paintings to charity. 


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