US Oregon State governor appreciates China's mask donation

Source:Xinhua Published: 2020/5/9 18:30:09

Photo taken on April 27, 2020 shows people posing for a photo with the face masks donated by China's Fujian Province in Oregon, the United States. (Xinhua)

Governor of the US state of Oregon Kate Brown on Friday appreciated the friendship between China and Oregon in thank-you letters for the donation of medical masks from Oregon's sister province Fujian.

"The donation is a testament to the 36-year relationship between Oregon and the People's Republic of China, nurtured by annual trade missions, and frequent educational and diplomatic exchanges between governors, legislators, and business executives alike," Brown said in the letter to Tang Dengjie, governor of China's Fujian Province.

Brown said the donation will provide life-saving protection for the healthcare and essential workers across Oregon who are on the frontlines keeping Oregon safe and healthy.

"The very generous donation of 50,000 much-needed masks for Oregonians", in addition to 12,000 masks earlier provided by China's Consulate General in San Francisco, have been delivered to Oregon's Office of Emergency Management.

"Whether next door or across the ocean, we are reminded daily of the need to support and assist one another during this difficult time," Brown noted.

"The act of generosity" brought to her mind a Chinese proverb. "The grace of a drop of water will be reciprocated by a gushing spring," Brown wrote, with the proverb printed in Chinese characters in the letter.

"I appreciate the friendship between the People's Republic of China and Oregon and I am proud of our local Chinese community, such as Oregon China Council, for their leadership to help strengthen our friendship and collaboration," she said.

"I look forward to our continued partnership. We are all in this together," Brown said.

In another thank-you letter to Oregon China Council (OCC) President Lan Jin, Brown praised the commitment of OCC's board members and volunteers to play a critical role in building upon years of trusted relationships and strengthening the bridge toward a shared future for Oregon and China.

"During these unprecedented times, I am incredibly grateful for the partnership with the Oregon China Council to support and protect Oregon. I look forward to continued collaboration and friendship," she wrote.

The OCC, which contributed to the delivery of the masks, is an Oregonian non-profit association dedicated to supporting economic, educational, and cultural exchanges between the state and China.

"The donation reflected the Chinese people's selfless support for the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Brown's letter shows that the American people value the goodwill of China and look forward to cooperation. We should work harder together to cope with our real threats like COVID-19," Lan told Xinhua.

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