US economy will be worse in 2021, causing more blame aimed at foreigners: Jim Rogers

By Ji Yuqiao and Zhang Ni Published: 2020/5/11 23:31:44

Daughters of Jim Rogers perform in a CCTV show. Photo: Screenshot of CCTV video

The two daughters of US investor and financial commentator Jim Rogers opened an account on China's video platform Bilibili on May 1, and so far, their Chinese language speaking capabilities have stunned Chinese netizens who have since dubbed them the richest vloggers on the platform.

When interviewed by Global Times, Rogers talked about the deep love his daughters have for China and Chinese culture, and the training that went into learning Putonghua that started at birth. "China will be the most important country in the world during their lifetimes," Rogers said.

As Rogers pointed out, China's international status was one of the reasons why he wanted his daughters to learn Putonghua. He also said China-US relations should not continue to deteriorate. "I cannot believe what Washington is doing now," Rogers said.

"US and China should be working together to build more prosperity for all yet a few bureaucrats and politicians in Washington think this will help win elections," Rogers said when speaking on China-US relations. The investor noted and was critical of how the US government is making such mistakes since it will hurt the US in the long run, to win elections.

Rogers also explained why China is being blamed by the US government for problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"US has problems now, so Washington blames foreigners. The Chinese are more successful now, so, they get much of the blame. It is absurd and dangerous, but it is happening again to the world," Rogers explained.

Rogers thinks the US economy will get worse in 2021, and the situation will inspire more attacks against foreigners, and especially the Chinese. 

These accusations and attacks will not affect Rogers' daughters' love of China and their desire to communicate with young Chinese. Nor will any accusations affect Chinese netizens' warm welcome of these two girls, known as Happy Rogers and Bee Rogers.

Their Bilibili account "The Family of Rogers" gained over 110,000 followers within 10 days, where most netizens have left positive messages to welcome them.

"They speak Putonghua better than me! Welcome to Bilibili and welcome to China," one netizen commented under the first video the girls uploaded on May 1. Now, the channel features three videos, and all of them are about their family's daily life.

The latest video, uploaded on Sunday, shows the older sister applying make-up for her younger sister.

Happy and Bee heard about the video platform and knew most of its users were young Chinese, which provides them with another way to connect with China's younger generation, so they joined the platform.

Besides the online video platform, the Rogers daughters have appeared on CCTV programs several times, reciting ancient Chinese poems and singing Chinese songs.

For their latest CCTV appearance, they sang about a song about the Monkey King, the main character from the Chinese classic, "Journey to the West."

Rogers said his daughters love many aspects of Chinese culture such as poetry, food, qipao, and "Journey to the West."

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