China, Lebanon sign new agreement to establish cultural centers

Source:Xinhua Published: 2020/5/28 17:33:41

China and Lebanon signed on Wednesday an agreement aimed at creating cultural centers in both countries, said a statement by the Chinese embassy in Lebanon.

China and Lebanon will establish cultural centers in the two countries' capitals on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, according to the agreement.

Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon Wang Kejian and Lebanese Culture Minister Abbas Mortada signed the agreement on behalf of their governments during a ceremony held at the Lebanese Culture Ministry in the capital Beirut.

The ambassador noted that this new agreement is a milestone in the field of cultural exchanges between China and Lebanon.

"The establishment of cultural centers will provide a broader platform for cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between the two countries," he said.

Meanwhile, Mortada said that Lebanon and China are traditionally friendly countries and maintain good exchanges in the cultural field.

"The establishment of cultural centers will further promote the cultural exchanges between the two countries. The ministry will facilitate the establishment of a Chinese cultural center in Lebanon," he added.

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