World's first auto with Huawei 5G technology soon to be released Published: 2020/6/8 0:28:08


With 5G technology from Huawei, Chinese carmaker BYD's latest model, Han, is set to become the world's first mass-produced automobile to feature the advanced technology, the company recently revealed.

The move, which also marks Huawei's 5G in-vehicle module, is already in commercial use, indicating the Chinese tech giant has advanced within the car sector and may have a new revenue stream amid an intensified crackdown by the US on the Chinese tech giant.

The Han release could mark the start of Huawei's 5G vehicle rollout, said insiders. Last month, the company said it had joined 18 carmakers, including BYD, to launch a 5G auto ecosystem to accelerate 5G technology commercialization in the auto industry.

Last August, Huawei officially launched its in-car smart interaction system HiCar, allowing drivers to control their cars with smartphones, check on their car's real-time status, and enjoy entertainment applications through vehicle's mobile phone screen.

The firm said its 5G-based HiCar system would be available on more than 120 car models from over 30 enterprises.

The company also established a smart-car solutions business unit, approved by founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei. The new division will offer end-to-end smart mobility solutions for ICT equipment and smart cars.

Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu said the Huawei products offered to car OEMs include mobile data centers, cloud services for autonomous driving, 4G/5G in-vehicle communication modules, and Huawei HiCar people-car-home connectivity solutions.

Huawei has been cooperating with carmakers such as Audi, Volvo, and Beijing Electric Vehicles.

The firm also launched its "HiCharger" DC electricity fast-charging module in April, tapping into the growing NEV charging field and supported by its software and hardware strength.

Insiders said when Huawei's software abilities are mature, "the possibility of Huawei making cars will come, just like Huawei began making phones."


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