Next 3 years will be window of opportunity for 6G research: expert

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/6/22 23:13:16

With research being carried out in basic theories and 6G spectrum tests starting, China is positioned to translate its edge in 5G into a head start in the ascending global race for the next generation of ultrafast wireless technology. (See story on Page S4-5)

The next two to three years will be a window of opportunity for formulating a vision for 6G as well as research and development (R&D) of relevant technology, with original innovation expected in China, said an industry expert.

"Based on 5G's leading status in the world's mobile telecommunications arena, we hope China can make outstanding achievements in the 6G era. The domestic industry will not be troubled by shortcomings, and information infrastructure can grow alongside social development," Huang Yuhong, deputy head of China Mobile Research Institute, said during a seminar on 6G development, domestic news site reported on Monday.

She said China Mobile would increase investment in basic research for 6G application in a bid to make more original technological breakthroughs.

Liu Guangyi, head of China Mobile's 6G project, said during the seminar that the development of 6G will be driven by new demand, as well as challenges faced by 5G technology and new technologies.

"The massive layout of the 5G network has problems such as high energy consumption and costs as well as low operation and maintenance efficiency, which need to be resolved in the next-generation network," Liu said.

Xiang Ligang, a veteran Chinese telecoms observer, gave a tentative roadmap toward the technology's commercialization in 2030, involving a vision of 6G by around 2023, standardized technological specifications by 2026 and the roll out of technologies by 2028.

He also told the Global Times that much more advanced technologies are needed, such as high-end chips for high-speed data processing and more base stations.

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