Shanghai reveals new 5G plans covering business and transport Published: 2020/7/1 0:59:08

Photo: VCG

Shanghai will build a city-wide 5G network this year that will cover its major business circles and transportation hubs including two airports, a Shanghai government official said, according to media reports. 

Zhang Jianming, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, revealed at a forum on Monday that in 2020, Shanghai will push 5G construction in key areas including the Lingang Special Area of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone and Hongqiao Central Business District, reported.

Meanwhile, Shanghai's 10 major business areas including Xujiahui and Lujiazui will be covered by 5G with an average outdoor 5G download rate exceeding 500 Mbps, Zhang said. Shanghai's 5G network will also cover the city's two airports and 298 underground stations. 

This shows Shanghai's steadfast efforts to push 5G construction as an integral part of its "new infrastructure," despite disruption from the coronavirus. 

In a 2020-2022 infrastructure plan the Shanghai municipal government revealed in early May, the city planned to build 34,000 new 5G base stations by the end of 2022. By May, Shanghai had already constructed 20,000 outdoor 5G base stations and 22,000 indoor stations. 

In total, Shanghai plans to invest 270 billion yuan ($38.2 billion) in 48 new infrastructure projects in the next three years. The projects include 5G networks, data centers and smart vehicles. 

Weng Kaining, vice president of Lingang Group, also noted at a recent forum that total investment in chip manufacturing projects in Shanghai's Lingang Special Area had exceeded 160 billion yuan ($22.6 billion). 

Between 2021-2025, more than 200 billion yuan will be invested in Lingang's integrated circuit industry, according to media reports. 


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