Public Security Ministry vows to support office for safeguarding national security in HK

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/7/4 22:59:57

Members of the Airport Security Unit of the Hong Kong Police Force patrol the airport, May 14, 2020, Hong Kong, south China.Photo:Xinhua

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security on Saturday vowed to fully support the central government's office for safeguarding national security in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong police force's operations to protect the nation's sovereignty, security and development interests.

The ministry will learn and implement the national security law for Hong Kong to guarantee the law will be effectively enforced, according to a ministry conference chaired by minister Zhao Kezhi. 

Public security forces will spare no efforts in supporting and coordinating with the central government's dedicated office in Hong Kong, and in guiding and supporting Hong Kong police to end chaos and restore social order.

The forces will defend against and punish a few people who conduct illegal and criminal deeds .that jeopardize national security, so as to guarantee the legal rights of Hongkongers and that the "one country, two systems" principle can remain steady and reach further. 

The legislation move is a milestone in the practice of the principle and a crucial move the central government made in handling Hong Kong affairs. It helps protect national sovereignty, security and development interests as well as the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong. The law is of key practical significance and will have a far-reaching historical impact, the conference pointed out

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