Netizens mock Wong as a 'running rat' amid questions over foreign funding

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/7/6 14:12:07

Photo: Screenshot of Sing Tao Daily

Chinese netizens mocked Hong Kong pro-Western secessionist Joshua Wong Chi-fung for being "a running rat with everyone shouting to smack it," after a video of him being scolded by a resident recently went viral. 

Shortly after Joshua Wong announced his withdrawal from pro-secession group Demosisto, he took to the streets to campaign for the pro-democracy camp's so-called primary elections on Saturday, during which a middle-aged man confronted him and asked if he had taken money from foreign countries, Hong Kong media Sing Tao Daily reported. 

Instead of directly answering the question, Wong dodged the man by saying the man was not patriotic as he was wearing a Manchester United jersey. 

After the man demanded an answer to the question, some residents nearby applauded and shouted, "You're not a Hongkonger, go away," according to a video circulating online. Wong did not reply, but stepped back after the man criticized him for about 15 minutes. The man was later escorted by police away from the scene. 

Chinese netizens on social media platform Weibo praised the man and nearby residents, and said, "More and more Hong Kong residents will stand out like this man with the national security law for Hong Kong taking effect."

Many also called on authorities to immediately arrest secessionists like Wong, and ridiculed him for being a "rat running across the street with everybody shouting to smack it."

Joshua Wong, along with Nathan Law and Agnes Chow, announced their withdrawal from pro-secession group Demosisto last week, which analysts believed showed the deterrent effect of the national security law for Hong Kong 

Global Times 


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