Germany to boost national gender equality

Source: AFP Published: 2020/7/9 15:53:40

German Chancellor Angela Merkel ends self-quarantine, returns to chancellery Photo:Xinhua

Germany adopted a national strategy on Wednesday to promote gender equality for the first time in its history, aiming to put an end to years of sluggish progress on equal rights and treatment for women.

The strategy sets out goals for all government departments, including closing the gender pay gap and better representation for women in business and politics, Families Minister Franziska Giffey said in a statement.

The plan includes a key focus on work-life balance and the fact that women are more likely to work part-time or not at all because of family commitments.

It also focuses on increasing the number of women in management positions, including in the civil service, and on better representation in politics.

The ruling conservative CDU party has this week already shown movement on the issue, with party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announcing new binding quotas that will see women filling at least 50 percent of senior positions at a local level by 2025.

The government is also working on a strategy to increase the number of women on executive boards so that an existing 30 percent quota will apply to 600 companies instead of 105 currently, Giffey said.


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