Huawei says construction of digital Italy should not be founded on 'baseless allegations'

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/7/10 10:43:33


Photo taken on Nov. 20, 2019 shows Huawei's exhibition booth during a press preview for the 2019 World 5G Convention. Photo: Xinhua

Huawei has said the development of digital Italy should not be founded on "baseless allegations" after media reports said Italy was considering excluding the company from its 5G network over security concerns.

"We are firmly convinced that the security and development of digital Italy should be founded on an approach grounded in facts and not baseless allegations," the company said in a statement.

This came following reports that Italy is considering excluding the Chinese tech giant from the construction of its 5G network. In addition, according to a Reuters report, Telecom Italia (TIM) has excluded Huawei from a tender for 5G equipment for the core network it is preparing to build in Italy and Brazil, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

The Chinese 5G frontrunner remains in troubled water in Europe under a recently intensified US crackdown, as many countries are reportedly reconsidering or scaling down cooperation with the firm despite its technology advancements and price advantage.

The UK is reconsidering its decision to allow Huawei access to parts of its construction, saying it could phase out use of the firm's technology as soon as this year. The UK decided in January to let Huawei continue its role in the country's 5G network, but with restrictions, despite pressure from the US to crack down on the Chinese firm.

Germany and France are also reportedly reassessing the role of the company.

Deutsche Telekom (DT), a leading telecoms carrier in Europe, denied reports saying it had enhanced cooperation with Huawei, clarifying that it had scaled down cooperation with the Chinese supplier.

Experts have warned that it wouldn't be smart for European countries to reverse their policies on Huawei as local telecoms operators could bear huge extra cost and delays in their 5G construction.

China and Europe have long been conducting close cooperation in telecommunications so the two could establish their places in the industry, and the UK and other European countries should think twice before choosing to give up Europe's 5G lead due to US disruption, veteran industry analyst Ma Jihua told the Global Times.

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