Chinese embassy in Hungary slams US diplomat for attacking Chinese government and enterprises

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/7/11 1:23:40

A 5G technology exhibition is held in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province, Jan. 19, 2019. (Xinhua/Xu Yu)

In responding to a US diplomat's attack on the Chinese government and enterprises, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Hungary slammed US hypocrisy and deceit.

In a recent interview with the Budapest Business Journal, a US diplomat in Hungary maliciously attacked the Chinese government and defamed Chinese tech giant Huawei, spreading rumors that the company could cause security risks, the Chinese spokesperson said in an online statement on Thursday.

In fact, the Chinese government has consistently adhered to the principles of mutual respect for sovereignty, equality and mutual benefit, and has not and will not require companies or individuals to violate the local laws to collect or provide data or information for the Chinese government. It is well known that the US government implements large-scale, indiscriminate monitoring of foreign governments, enterprises, and individuals, read the statement.

It is a total joke that the US, a country that collects cell phone data across the world on a daily basis, claims to be an upholder of cybersecurity, the spokesperson said.

Huawei and its 5G technology have been proved to be advanced and competitive in the market. The firm operates in an open, fair and independent manner, and provides network services to many countries and regions, the spokesperson said.

No country, company or individual has been able to provide any evidence to back up their so-called security concerns about Huawei. Instead, Huawei has promised to sign a "backdoor-free" agreement and accept third-party security testing and oversight, the spokesperson noted, asking if there was any US firm that would be willing to do the same thing.

It is really puzzling that the US, as a superpower, has used its national strength to smear a Chinese private communications company. Perhaps it was because Huawei's 5G technology products impede US global monitoring, the spokesperson said.

Under the guise of protecting national security, the US has been cracking down on private firms and tirelessly threatening other countries to turn away from Huawei. However, no matter what lies US diplomats come up with, Edward Snowden has exposed the US' hypocrisy on security issues. The US should stop repeating its lies, the spokesperson said.


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