Private Chinese rocket firm Galactic Energy completes key engine test

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/7/14 11:48:05

Galactic Energy's Ceres-1 launch vehicle during the ground firing test for its third-stage engine Photo: Courtersty of Galactic Energy

Private Chinese rocket firm Galactic Energy Co has successfully conducted a hydraulic test of the turbine pump of its liquid-fueled Welkin engine, domestic news portal reported on Tuesday.

The company said the test showed the turbine pump has reached a leading level in the domestic market.

The large-range, variable condition turbine pump is a key component of the Welkin liquid oxygen/kerosene engine, which is the main engine of Pallas-1 rocket, which can be reused 50 times.

The turbine pump, with its high spinning speed, pushes pressurized oxidants and fuel from the tank to the rocket's thrust chamber.

Compared to traditional designs, Galactic Energy's solution significantly improves rotating speed, reduces sealing pressure, improves reliability and further simplifies the structure of turbine pump, reducing the total weight by 30-40 percent.

In follow-up joint tests, the turbine pump will be tested together with the rocket's gas generator, followed by a test of the liquid rocket's whole system.


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