Death of Japanese actor Haruma Miura shocks Chinese fans

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/7/19 14:13:40

Haruma Miura on the press conference in 2015 Photo: IC

 Well-known Japanese actor Haruma Miura, 30, died at home on Saturday in what police are investigating as a possible suicide, shocking millions of Chinese netizens.

The actor had been active on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo, often posting about his new TV drama and even sending messages of support for Chinese students taking the college entrance examinations on July 10.

Many netizens left messages under the last post on the account on Saturday. 

"I do not believe this is true. Please tell me it is a rumor, Haruma!" one netizen wrote. 

"When typing these words, my hands are trembling. You are so strong-minded in the drama, why did you choose this way to leave the world?" another netizen wrote sorrowful comments.

The hashtag "Haruma Miura has died" has been viewed more than 1.8 billion times on Sina Weibo as of Sunday, reflecting the actor's popularity in China.

His 2007 romantic film Koizora is one of the most renowned Japanese movies among Chinese netizens. Most audiences were touched by the sad and beautiful love between the leading characters.

In the film,  Miura plays Hiroki Sakurai, a high school student who has cancer. At one point he says that he wants to become the sky so that he can stare at his lover all the time. The line moved many moviegoers who were longing to find someone to love them as much. 

After learning about Miura's death, many netizens posted that he has finally become the sky and is now guarding the ones he loves. 

"I hope you will no longer be frustrated and be happy every day in that world."

Miura also left a deep impression on Chinese audiences when he played the leading role in the 2014 Chinese film Five Minutes to Tomorrow alongside Chinese actress Liu Shishi.

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