Installation artist to present ‘trash’ works at Shenzhen’s Jupiter Museum of Art

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/7/29 16:13:40

Baby Infrastructure by Tong Kunniao Photo: Courtesy of JMA

Trash or art? That is not a question for artist Tong Kunniao. In his eyes, trash can become an art, while art can turn into trash. 

His latest exhibition at the Jupiter Museum of Art (JMA) in South China's Shenzhen will offer a peak into his "trash" art through more than 100 artworks plus some tailored specifically for the museum starting Friday. Many of his large-scale installations will be featured at the NIAO x KUN x TONG exhibition, including a large trash can, which he specially made for the museum. 

The "non-digitalized" video installations created by Tong combine images from an old-style slide projector and those from mechanical devices, illustrating a playful mentality. The Balance Birds series of large-scale bird sculptures, based on the physical principles of balance and which have evolved into one of the most prominent works of the artist, will also be included. 

Other works such as The Answer Will Open In The Air, an installation composed of opening and closing fans which capture the disappearance of time, and the Vomit Book, a book-shape device that can spit bubbles, will also be put on display. 

The highlight of the exhibition is the gigantic work Golden Trash, which will be placed outside the museum. The public art installation emphasizes the wild and intractable attitude of the artist.

The exhibition is set to run until November 1. 

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