TikTok US says it's 'not going anywhere' in face of pending US ban

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/8/2 10:37:04

TikTok Photo: Unsplash

"We're not going anywhere", Vanessa Pappas, general director of TikTok US, said in a video posted to twitter on Saturday, as uncertainties loom over the app's future, including a threat made on Friday by the US President Donald Trump to ban TikTok in the US. 

In the video that was also pushed to all TikTok users in the US, Pappas thanked TikTok content creators, users and its 1,500 US staff. She noted that the company will offer ten thousand jobs in the US in the next three years. 

On Friday, President Trump said he will soon ban the Chinese-owned app, calling it a "severance". Trumps said he plans to sign an order to ban US access to the app as early as Saturday. 

The pending ban on TikTok has left many content creators feeling uncertain about the future of the app and some are switching to other platforms. The hashtags #TikTokband and #ByeTikTok were featured in many videos, and many TikTok celebrities have asked followers to continue to support them on YouTube and Instagram. 

In a continued spinout from the event, the US company Microsoft is reported to be in discussions on the acquisition of TikTok's US operations while the Trump administration weighs on curtailing the app. On Friday, Trump said that he did not support the reported deal between Microsoft and TikTok.

According to reports by US media outlets, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US has decided to order ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, to divest TikTok.

The administration is viewing the short video streaming platform as a national security threat due to its Chinese ownership. 

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