Swedish singer Zara Larsson boycotted by Chinese netizens for condemning China and ending collaboration with Huawei

By Ji Yuqiao and Huang Qiyu Source: Global Times Published: 2020/8/5 18:18:41

Photo taken on Nov. 20, 2019 shows Huawei's exhibition booth during a press preview for the 2019 World 5G Convention in Beijing, capital of China.(Xinhua/Li Xin)

 After ending collaboration with Chinese mobile giant Huawei to promote a new smart phone, Swedish singer Zara Larsson condemned China in an interview with Swedish broadcaster TV4, provoking Chinese netizens, who accused the singer of judging the country out of ignorance.

In the  interview, the singer announced that she had broken off the cooperation with the company, saying that "the Chinese state is not a nice state."

She also said that cooperating with Huawei was not a smartest deal she has made from both a professional and personal perspective.

Huawei responded the star's speech and in a statement to the Global Times, the company said the collaboration was from the beginning under a certain time period as agreed by both parties and ended in 2019 and they appreciated the cooperation.

"Huawei is a privately owned global company that is in full owned by its own employees and no official or other organization is allowed as owners," the statement said.

Larsson's comments about the company and China upset many Chinese netizens, who condemned her for irresponsibly commenting on a country they felt she knew little about. 

"That Artists expressing their political perspectives is usually considered as a very controversial issue, especially when they are commenting on other countries' business without a comprehensive understanding. They speak out simply because they personally feel something is unfair and dissatisfying without any responsibility or awareness of being a public figure," Sina Weibo user "Hangesi" commented.

Most Chinese fans expressed their disappointment to the singer, with some saying she was misled by reports from unfair Western media.

Since Larsson first began cooperating with Huawei in 2019, the relationship had been criticized by some Western pundits. 

"I am probably part of the first group of Chinese bloggers to pay attention to Zara Larsson. I have known her since the 'Uncover' period and have posted hundreds of posts on Sina Weibo for her since 2016. But this time I will stop following her. The reason behind her fallacy is actually the large amount of fake news about and malicious attacks against China, which has affected her values. She has hit our limits and I will never forgive that," another netizen "huluobuyinyue" wrote on Sina Weibo.

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