Exclusive: US rudely unpacks official furniture ordered by Chinese Mission to UN

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/8/11 19:41:42 Last Updated: 2020/8/11 20:45:42

China US Photo: GT

The US has brutally unpacked a container with 60 pieces of furniture (official supplies) ordered by the Chinese delegation to the United Nations and dismantled the wrappings of 12 pieces, the Global Times learned. 

The move seriously violated international practices, and it is expected that China may take reciprocal measures against the US.

Recently, the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations ordered 60 pieces of furniture (mainly sofas, chairs, coffee tables, etc.). To handle customs clearance procedures, the Permanent Mission submitted application materials as required by the US on June 30. 

In the absence of a reply, the Permanent Mission urged the New York Office of the US Mission Office to handle the matter as soon as possible on July 13. The office replied that the container was undergoing inspection, and the customs clearance application could not be approved until the inspection was completed. The Permanent Mission immediately lodged solemn representations with the US, emphasizing that this batch of goods are Chinese official supplies, and that China has fulfilled the customs clearance procedures as required by the US. Opening the shipment did not conform to international practices.

Following repeated requests from China, the US office in charge of foreign missions finally approved the customs applications of the Chinese delegation. The furniture was delivered to the Chinese Mission to the UN on July 23. It was nearly a month since the Chinese side submitted its application based on the US request. After verification, the container seal was replaced, and the wrappings of 12 goods were torn and affixed with the US inspection tag.

The opening and inspection of official articles of the Chinese diplomatic mission was crude and outrageous, and was clearly inconsistent with international practices, sources said. 

Such an act undermines mutual trust and cooperation between China and the US, which deliberately created trouble and obstacles. In accordance with international practice, China has the right to take reciprocal measures.

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