Chinese companies move toward a self-developed operating system

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/8/18 23:29:21

Photo: CFP

China has been accelerating the development of a new operating system, which has become increasingly necessary due to US sanctions against Chinese technology companies, an expert said.

China's self-developed operating system Kylinsoft V10, which was officially launched on August 13, is to meet the rising needs for a self-reliant and safer operating system.

Developed jointly by China Standard Software Co and Tianjin Kylin Information, subsidiaries of China Electronics Corporation (CEC), Kylinsoft V10 meets the needs of the 5G era and achieves multi-terminal integration by connecting mobile phones, tablets, PCS and other devices, according to CEC's report.

The Kylin technology can support a large number of Android applications, and has seamlessly transferred more than 3 million Android compatible hardware and software to domestic platforms.

One of the most important things of V10 is that its desktop version has integrated with the Android compatibility ecosystem, which enables users to download and run a huge number of Android applications, Kong Jinzhu, executive president of Kylinsoft, said in his speech at the launch, adding that the Kylin system has received a high recognition and the massive adaption in governmental departments ranges from customs to transport and agriculture.

The US' blatant squeeze on China in technology sector is requiring Chinese companies to accelerate the development of corresponding operating systems in order to reduce the reliance on products developed in the US, experts said.

Huawei has also accelerated the development of its HarmonyOS in China and a number of trademarks related to the operating system have been filed.

The launch of the Kylinsoft V10 is an important step toward a self-development operating system and the ultimate goal is to replace the US ones with the Chinese system, Sun Yuzhong, a researcher at the Institute of Computing Technology under Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the Global Times.

At present, more than 1,000 domestic and foreign mainstream ecological enterprises have completed up to 10,000 hardware and software product adaptations on Kylinsoft V10, the report said.

However, although the system is widely used in the government departments and organizations, it still has only a small share of the consumer market compared to Windows and Android, Xiang Ligang, director-general of telecoms industry association Information Consumption Alliance, told the Global Times on Tuesday.

"Technically speaking, having a self-developed operating system is no longer a difficult thing to do, but given that the public get used to Windows, forming a new industrial chain with the domestic made operating system still takes time," Xiang said.


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