China builds over 480,000 5G base stations with over 100m terminals

Source: People's Daily Published: 2020/9/5 20:42:27


"China has built more than 480,000 5G base stations with over 100 million 5G internet terminals," said Wen Ku, director general of Information and Communication Development Department of MIIT, during the Trade in 5G Emerging Services Development Forum held in Beijing on September 5.

5G technology, as the primary development direction of new generation mobile communication technology, develops with emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence and constantly generates new modes, new formats and new industries, strongly supporting the transformation and development of the economy and society.

Global 5G commercial development in 2020 has gained preliminary scale. As of the end of July this year, 46 countries and regions and 99 network operation enterprises have said to provide 5G services.

Wen also provides three suggestions as China is at a critical period of 5G network construction and application.

The first thing to do is to continuously improve the network supply capacity. Telecom operators should focus on the deployment and planning of 5G network construction to build a 5G network industry with extensive coverage, advanced technology and excellent quality as soon as possible.

 China should actively build application industry ecology. It is necessary to encourage communication operation enterprises to cooperate with artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other enterprises, jointly develop solutions for comprehensive application in vertical industries, accelerate in-depth application in key fields such as intelligent manufacturing, internet of vehicles, medical treatment, etc., explore and form a business model that can be replicated and promoted with the goal of enriching 5G application scenarios, deepening 5G integration application, and building a prosperous ecosystem.

China needs to further carry out international exchanges and cooperation. It is necessary to deepen the international consensus and continuously promote and improve the 5G global unified standard. In addition to international cooperation in technology, standards, industry and other aspects, cooperation should also be strengthened in application to jointly explore business models, so as to promote the integration and development of 5G across industries around the world.


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