HK illegal gatherings a public defiance of state will: liaison office

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/9/7 11:27:16

A man walks past burning barricades at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University during riots on November 11, 2019. Photo: AFP

The illegal gatherings in Hong Kong organized by a few members of opposition groups is a public defiance of the law and state will, the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) said, warning zero tolerance for acts that violate the national security law for Hong Kong.

On Sunday afternoon, protestors gathered and chanted slogans in Yaumatei and Jordan, using the excuse of opposing the postponed LegCo elections and national security law for Hong Kong. At least 289 people were arrested in Yaumatei and Mongkok on Sunday, according to police

The liaison office condemned the stubborn members of "lam chau" who insist on inciting street confrontation, using the postponed Legislative Council (LegCo) elections as an excuse. 

The illegal act of violating the gathering restriction order during the COVID-19 epidemic is a violation of relevant laws and state will, and also shows cold-blooded disregard for the lives and health of the general public, the office said.

During a time when the epidemic situation in Hong Kong is not optimistic, there are still some people who instigate trouble, spread all kinds of rumors, and constantly attack and discredit the aid from the mainland in Hong Kong's fight against the epidemic. 

They have no bottom line or conscience in their unlimited politicization and hype, which disregards public safety and interests, the office said. 

After the enactment of the national security law, Hong Kong society has experienced a positive change from chaos to stability, said the office, warning small groups of rioters that the authorities will have zero tolerance for anyone who attempts to shake the city's stability.

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