Trump may find another excuse to stop counting mail-in ballots as Chinese express company appears in coverage: netizens

By Leng Shumei Source: Global Times Published: 2020/11/5 23:35:47

A polling worker holds 2020 presidential primary ballots at the Stamford Government Center on August 11 in Hartford, Connecticut, the US. Photo: AFP

Chinese netizens mock Trump saying he may find another excuse to stop counting mail-in ballots after Chinese delivery company SF Express appeared in the USA Today's livestream of the intense US election.  

Screenshots of USA Today live on Wednesday showing a ticket counting agent taking out tickets from a package delivered by Chinese express company SF went viral on Chinese social media on Thursday.

Many Chinese netizens said that they did not expect that a Chinese element would appear in the US election. 

"Trump may find another excuse to try to stop counting mail-in ballots saying that they came from China and slander China for affecting the US election," a user of China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo joked. 

In response, SF Express told media on Thursday that it currently doesn't provide service domestically in the US.   

According to media reports, Americans overseas can use international delivery services to return their mail-in ballots to the US or to US embassies and consulates.  

Other Chinese delivery companies such as Express Mail Service (EMS) are also used by many Americans living in China to send their ballot to the US. 

An American in China told the Global Times on Thursday under the condition of anonymity that he used EMS to deliver his ballot on October 9 from China's Macao Special Administrative Region and it arrived in California on October 15. 

The service cost him 188 patacas ($23.5). 

The Trump campaign announced Wednesday that it is pursuing court actions to stop ballot counting in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and to prevent the counting of absentee ballots in Georgia that arrive after election day deadline, USA Today reported. 

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