Film screening on traditional Chinese operas launched in Beijing

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/11/8 17:29:08

Chinese opera actors perform at a press conference in Beijing on Thursday. Photo: Courtesy of Capital Star Art Film Theaters League

Featuring five major traditional Chinese opera genres, a film exhibition promoting the traditional art form was launched in Beijing on Thursday. 

Running until November 15, the event will screen 10 movies about the five major traditional Chinese opera styles such as Peking Opera, China's most influential and representative form of opera,Yu Opera, China's largest regional opera and Yue Opera, known for its euphemistic lyricism. 

Films such as Feng Yu Tong Ren Tang, Fairy Couple and Dingjun Mountain will be screened at 10 cinemas belonging to the Capital Star Art Film Theaters League. 

Five films produced during the 1950s and the 1970s have been repaired and processed into digital formats to improve the viewing effect of audiences. 

The highlighted production at the event is the Peking Opera film Dingjun Mountain, which shows a performance by Peking Opera artist Tan Xiaozeng and his son Tan Zhengyan to mark the 170th birthday of Peking Opera master Tan Xinpei. In 1905, Tan Xinpei performed the opera Dingjun Mountain in the film of the same name, which is considered by many as the birth of Chinese cinema. 

Launched by the Capital Star Art Film Theaters League, the event will also host forums to discuss issues such as the addition of modern elements when producing traditional Chinese Opera films as well as how to improve the integration of traditional Chinese Opera and film in China.


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