Hungary to further define gender roles

Source: AFP Published: 2020/11/11 16:23:40


Hungary moved Tuesday to tighten references to gender in its constitution after stepping up rhetoric against the LGBT community.

A draft amendment of the constitution sent to the parliament by Justice Minister Judit Varga proposes to introduce the definition "the mother is a woman, the father is a man," and define gender at birth.

"Hungary protects the right of children to self-identity according to their gender," it said.

"[It] ensures education in accordance with the values based on Hungary's constitutional identity and Christian culture." 

Hungary's constitution was rewritten soon after Prime Minister Viktor Orban came to power in 2010. 

The existing document already defines "the institution of marriage as between a man and a woman" and "the basis of the family and national survival."

The latest proposed amendment comes as anti-gay sentiment over the decade of rule by Orban's government escalated in 2020.

In September, a book of children's fairytales containing some homosexual characters was publicly shredded by a far-right politician.

In May, a ban on legally changing one's gender came into force, making it impossible for transgender people to have their official documents contain their gender and name in accordance with their gender identity. 


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