Tech giant expands high-end production line in China

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/11/15 15:16:37

Photo: Courtesy of GE Healthcare China

GE Hangwei Medical Systems Co, GE's first joint venture in China, announced on Sunday that its Revolution CT has begun production in Beijing, a milestone for GE Healthcare to implement a comprehensive localization strategy in China.

GE Healthcare China has also signed another 30-year cooperation agreement with Sinopharm after 30 years' JV cooperation. 

The production line can provide leading diagnostic innovation and clinical applications, realizing coronary artery examination for one heartbeat under any heart rate and rhythm, one-click stroke diagnosis and treatment management, and one-stop tumor diagnosis, according to the company.

Currently, 70 percent of the CT equipment sold by GE globally is produced in this Beijing factory and average annual exports account for about 20 percent of Beijing's medical equipment exports.

At present, the supply chain of GE Healthcare's Beijing base is globally dispersed, with more than 150 domestic suppliers in China, and the localization rate of parts and components for mainstream products has reached 85 percent.

The expanded production line is another example of the accelerating development of modern industrial systems and economic optimization in China, as the country vows to advance its industrial foundation to a higher level, promote the modernization of its industrial chain, and improve the quality, efficiency and core competitiveness of its economy. 

In a recent promotional event arranged by Wuzhong Taihu new city from Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province, business executives and representatives of industry alliances and associations from industries such as artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing services, industrial Internet, and healthcare services were present, making a total investment of 26 billion yuan ($3.94 billion) in the region.  


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