Movie inspired by first direct link across Taiwan Straits comes to mainland theaters

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/11/16 18:28:40


A poster for comedy film Return Photo: Courtesy of Hengye Pictures

A new comedy about Mazu culture, Return, will debut in Chinese mainland cinemas on Friday. 

Directed by Pu Jian, the movie starring Zhao Liang and Ge Wenxi is based on a real historical event, in which 20 fishing boats with more than 200 worshippers of the Chinese sea goddess Mazu sailed directly from the island of Taiwan to Meizhou Island in East China's Fujian Province in 1989. 

Mazu, who is popular across the straits and has numerous worshippers, is the deified form of the historical Lin Mo, a shamaness who lived in the 10th century on Meizhou Island. 

The voyage marked the very first direct link trip across the Taiwan Straits since the Kuomingtang army retreated to the island of Taiwan in 1949. 

As the first non-documentary film to focus on Mazu culture, Return hopes to "take audiences back to that special age and the echoes of close ties and nostalgia from people living across the straits," said the director. 

"Culture and nostalgia can connect the hearts of people living across the straits. Like our premiere ceremony's theme 'Gathering with One Heart,' we are anticipating the moment that people can gather together," he said. 

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