China's first Mars probe Tianwen-1 travels over 300 million kilometers

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/11/17 12:04:14

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) releases mid-flight images of Mars probe Tianwen-1 as the country's National Day coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival on Oct. 1, 2020. It is the first time that Tianwen-1 took selfies. (China National Space Administration /Handout via Xinhua)

China's Tianwen-1 Mars probe had traveled over 300 million kilometers in space as of Tuesday morning Beijing time, bringing it 63.8 million kilometers away from Earth and 116 days into its journey, the Global Times learned from the China National Space Administration (CNSA) on Tuesday. 

The spacecraft is currently in steady flight form with balanced energy supply, parts of its sub-system have competed self-examinations, and all systems are in good working condition, CNSA said.

The Tianwen-1 has completed three mid-course corrections and one deep space maneuver.

According to CNSA, in early November, the multiple systems of the Mars lander and rover of the spacecraft also underwent its first ever in-orbit check-up, and returned normal results.

The Tianwen-1 Mars probe is expected to reach the gravity field of Mars by February 2021. It will spend another two to three months surveying potential landing sites in preparation for entering a low orbit around Mars in May 2021. 

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