‘Harassment’ of star’s wax statue ignites anger of Chinese netizens

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/11/17 16:33:40

A video showing a woman "harassing" a wax statue of Chinese star Yang Yang at the Madame Tussauds Shanghai has raised the ire of Chinese netizens on social media.

Photo: Sina Weibo

According to the video and some pictures that have gone viral on Chinese social media, a young woman can be seen putting her face close to the statue, touching its chest and unbuttoning its clothes. 

Photo: Sina Weibo

The hashtag "Yangyang's wax statue has been harassed" had earned 330 million views on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo as of Tuesday noon. Many Chinese netizens criticized the woman's "impolite" and "improper" behavior.

"She must not be a fan, but might be an internet blogger. Some internet celebrities nowadays will really do everything to gain attention. Please stop spreading uncivilized behavior. Show some respect!" one Chinese netizen wrote on Sina Weibo.

This is not the first time that a celebrity wax statue has suffered similar treatment. Some Chinese netizens noted that Chinese singer Lu Han's wax figure has been kissed by many visitors, to the point that it has lost the paint on its lips; while a female fan in a wedding dress proposed to Kris Wu's wax figure. 

Many Chinese netizens called for people to "be rational" when admiring their idols. 

"In public, it is better to observe etiquette and respect museum items. Artworks are to be appreciated, not spoiled," another Chinese netizen commented on Sina Weibo.

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