Script venture and investment competition seeks to encourage young scriptwriters

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/11/19 23:16:45

Promotional materials for Jin Dou Yun Chuang competition. Courtesy to Zhe Teng

A script venture investment competition held a conference in Beijing on Wednesday to present 10 outstanding works from young scriptwriters. 

First launched in April, the Jin Dou Yun Chuang competition, organized by the Zheteng (Beijing) Culture Communication, underwent three major phases. During the first phase, the competition collected 500-character-long story outlines from creators between 20 to 45 years old. A total of 30 works were shortlisted and their creators were invited to online lectures to help them develop their story ideas into a more mature structure. The second phase narrowed down the shortlist of 30 to 10 winners and in the third phase the focus shifted to providing individual assistance and guidance to these 10 scriptwriters to further enhance the artistic aspect of their works. 

The 10 winning works were written by young scriptwriters from all walks of life and include stories such as "A father from Mars" and "I'm a veterinarian for monsters." According to the organizers, it is hoped that these novel and creative works will bring new ideas to today's entertainment industry. 

The conference presented selected portions of the 10 scripts through video and live performances. 

Global Times


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