Aircraft engineer Ni Zejun named ‘National Model Worker’

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/12/9 13:33:40

Senior aircraft engineer Ni Zejun.

The National Commendation of Model Workers and Advanced Workers was held in Beijing on November 24. Senior aircraft engineer Ni Zejun from Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Corporation (Ameco) was named "National Model Worker" at the ceremony. 

Ni Zejun majored in aircraft manufacturing and graduated from Northwestern Polytechnic University. Ni has focused on aircraft maintenance through his 25-year-career and always pursued precise maintenance skills. 

Ni is familiar with the engine structure of domestic aircraft as well as Boeing and Airbus planes. Ni also took part in the aircraft structure research and development program of his company, Ameco. 

Ni started his career in 1995 and began to play a vital role in the research and development team in 2000. Ni can always provide a correct solution from a general point of view when facing difficulties based on his abundant aircraft knowledge.

Ni established aircraft structure maintenance certificates for Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft. Ni has repeatedly won awards for technological progress in the industry due to his outstanding contributions to aircraft maintenance and technological progress. 

With the fast development of China's logistics industry, Ni led the modification project of a Boeing 757 from a passenger plane to a cargo plane. Ni and his team spent about three months producing more than 2,000 blueprints and around 160 modification tool kits to wholly understand the structure of the plane. 

Based on this valuable experience, Ni established modification introductions for Boeing's 757-200 aircraft, which broke the foreign monopoly in this area and made Ameco the first passenger aircraft modification company. 

Ni always emphasizes the importance of knowledge accumulation to the junior aircraft engineers. "I hope that one day, our domestically made aircraft will be globally popular and that China will become a powerful civil aviation country," said Ni. "I believe that personal dreams will eventually become more brilliant because of the strength of our country."

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