Great Wall Cigars (Vega Pyramid) Selected in the Top 10 Best Cigars of the Winter Edition of Cigar Journal

Source: Published: 2020/12/9 19:26:03

On December 6, 2020, the Great Wall Cigar Factory reported that the Great Wall (Vega Pyramid) had been selected as one of the top 10 cigars in the winter edition of Cigar Journal with a blind rating of 92 points, which has been published in the Cigar Journal of December.

Cigar Journal magazine hosts an annual selection where the top 25 cigars of the year are selected by a strict, professional blind audition. There are two conditions for the candidate cigars: They must have been released in the last two years and have an overall rating of 90 or higher, which make the blind auditions a popular choice among cigar smokers worldwide.

The Great Wall (Spectacular No. 1) was the first Chinese cigar to appear in Cigar Journal's list, and the Great Wall (GL1) won with a blind score of 95. The Great Wall Cigar was selected in the Cigar Journal for a second time, meaning that Chinese cigars have conquered the world's cigar smokers and taken their place in the world of cigars.

Great Wall Cigars have always been a leading type and founder of Chinese cigars, which started in 1918 when Wang Shuyan founded the Yichuan Industrial Company in Shifang City. Today, the Great Wall Cigar Factory is the largest cigar manufacturing base and largest single cigar factory in Asia, with a design capacity of 5 billion cigars.

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