China’s grain yield has remained above 650 billion kg for six consecutive years: National Bureau of Statistics

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/12/10 11:23:46

Farmers in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, inspect grain on Tuesday. China's grain output will likely rise this year as the autumn harvest is generally guaranteed following bumper crops of early rice and summer grain, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Photo: cnsphoto

China's grain yield was equal to 1.339 trillion jin (669.5 billion kilograms) in 2020, 11.3 billion jin (565 million kilograms) more than previous year, a y-o-y increase of 0.9 percent according to the data from National Bureau of Statistics released on Thursday. 

In 2020, the central government strengthened support for the grain yield including a range of subsidy policies. China's national grain growing area was 1.752 billion mu (1.168 million square kilometers) in 2020, 10.56 million mu (704 thousand square kilometers) more than 2019 and with y-o-y increase of 0.6 percent. 

China's agricultural areas reported more favorable climate conditions, and a reduced impact from pests and disease in 2020. The grain yield from each mu (0.67 square kilometer) was reported as 382 kilograms, 0.9 kilogram more than 2019 and with y-o-y increase of 0.2 percentage. 

The National Bureau of Statistic data revealed that China reaped another bumper grain harvest in 2020. The grain yield has been sustained above 650 billion kilograms for a period of six years. 


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