5G technology now part of China’s refining and chemical industry

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/12/17 17:28:41

A Sinopec gas station in Shanghai Photo: IC

5G technology has been integrated into the petrochemical industry in South China's Hainan Province. 22 5G base stations are expected to be complete in 2021, according to Chinanews.

Sinopec Hainan Refining & Chemical Limited Company initiated the second phase of a leading 5G project in Hainan province on Thursday.

The project will be co-built by Sinopec Hainan and China Unicom. Seven base stations have been completed in the first phase and the rest of 15 base stations are expected to complete in the upcoming second phase.

The use of 5G will save the more than 50 percent on human resource costs for Sinopec Hainan. It can also solve a series of problems ranging from monitoring to security.

The high bandwidth 5G network decreases the lag affecting intercom system and patrol drones across 4G networks and increases working efficiency significantly.

It is reported that Sinopec Hainan will cooperate with China Unicom, Pactera and other high-tech firms to expand the 5G network in Hainan Province and to apply it into other industries.

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