Polish dairy exports to China growing 70% in 2020: Embassy

By Tao Mingyang Source: Global Times Published: 2020/12/22 15:48:40

Polish dairy products (Photo: Tao Mingyang/GT)

As the fifth largest dairy producer in Europe, Poland's dairy products are popular among Chinese consumers. According to statistics provided by the Polish Ministry of Finance, Polish dairy products exported to China in 2020 rose 70 percent year-on-year. 

Polish ambassador to China Wojciech Zajączkowski, agricultural consul from the Polish Embassy Magdalena Czechońska and director of Polish Chamber of Milk published Polish dairy export data during a media conference held in Polish Embassy in Beijing Tuesday. 

"We consider the increase as the recognition of Chinese consumers' preference for Polish dairy products," said Ambassador Zajączkowski. Zajączkowski forecast that Polish milk production in 2021 will reach 14.1 billion liters. 

According to the data provided by the embassy, dairy accounts for 39 percent of the country's food exports to China. From January to August 2020, Poland had exported 7.5 million euro ($9.2 million) worth of dairy products. During China's annual shopping festival of "Double 11", Polish dairy brands ranked top 10 in T-mall and JD trending board. 

"We forecast that the Poland's dairy exports to China will continue to increase in 2021," agricultural consul from Polish Embassy Magdalena Czechońska told the Global Times. She stressed that the forecast is based on previous data, a recovering Polish economy, and greater demand from the Chinese market. "Milk has not reached its maximum popularity in China yet, I believe the dairy consumption in China will keep growing in the future," said Czechońska. 

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