Chinese artist combines art, the Great Wall and augmented reality

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/12/23 14:03:39

Artist Gao Xiaowu showcases how to use the mobile phone to display his work Photo: Courtesy of Gao Xiaowu Studio

Gao Xiaowu and the work Messenger of Peace Photo: Courtesy of Gao Xiaowu Studio

A Chinese artist is experimenting with releasing his newest artworks by using the latest augmented reality (AR) technology at the Great Wall of China. Gao Xiaowu, a young artist well-known for his creative installations, is using AR to realize his art approach through his new Shared Environment series.

With the brick wall and towers along the Great Wall as a background, three artworks from his 10-piece series can now be appreciated through smart phones, WeChat or web address.

The title of the first work, Messenger of Peace, says it all, the artwork combines two symbols, the dove and the olive, into one to represent the artist's hope for peace.

The work Mr Slow uses the subtle characteristics of water to describe the relationship between the tortoise and the outside world that supports its life. According to the artist, the work offers viewers a glimpse of the interdependence of all life forms.

Taking the shape of a crane, Beautiful Goddess makes use of living and growing plants with the hope that viewers can learn from their spirit to take care of ourselves while getting rid of our self-centered mindsets.

According to art critic Lu Rongzhi, the charm of Gao's art not only lies in the form of his work, but also how he invites the public to participate in his creative works. The simple spirit of his art is the creative core value he delivers to viewers.

"His creations often reflect his personal thoughts and feelings about society at different stages of his life. He turns life itself into art, and expresses his care and exploration through his sculptures," she said.


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