Salon shares about international style of Tongzhou district, China’s capital city’s sub-center

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/12/27 17:43:39

Tom Mehrmann Photo: Courtesy of Tongzhou district

Zhang Yiwu Photo: Courtesy of Tongzhou district

Chinese scholars, internet celebrities and businessmen gathered together for an international salon on Friday in Beijing's Tongzhou district, the capital city's sub-center to discuss its international styles. 

The salon hosted by Tongzhou local government and aims to review the fast development of the sub-center, the starting point of the Grand Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage and home to the highly anticipated Universal Beijing Resort, which is set to open to the public in 2021 and Zhangjiawan design town, which hatches a number of design studio as well as the annual Beijing Design Week. 

According to Zhang Yiwu, a professor from Peking University, the charm and style of Tongzhou lies in its long history and own characteristics as well as its bright future. 

Talking about the new Universal Beijing Resort, its president and general manager Tom Mehrmann told the Global Times that Chinese elements will be well planned and applied through the whole park. Besides those familiar to Chinese audiences like The Transformers and Kungfu Panda, the designs of hotels and shopping area and more will allow the audiences to feel the combination of international style and China's own culture. 

These guests for the salon also include Guo Shaoshan from Future Design Park at the Zhangjiawan Design Town, Zhou Yuan from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and cultural insider Li Baogang. 


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