Miracle mountain

Source:Global Times Published: 2009-7-12 20:25:10

Tourism chiefs in China are trying to attract visitors by claiming that a mountain lays eggs.

Officials at Gulu village, Guizhou Province, claim a cliff of Gandeng Mountain has laid more than 100 eggs, reports Guizhou Metropolis News.

They claim the eggs, as big as car tires, appear in “sockets” in the cliff around every two years.

Yang Shengjia, director of the local tourism bureau, said: “Another mountain egg is expected to be laid soon. If people, like visitors, can have long enough patience, they may view the astonishing scene of the mountain laying an egg.”

Locals say each socket produces an egg every 30 years and that eggs have recently appeared in March 1999, May 2003, June 2005, March 2007 and January 2009.



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