Samsung to fix 32,000 defective refrigerators

Source:Global Times Published: 2009-11-9 0:22:19

By Chen Xiaomin

Samsung Electronics China will launch a free home visit and repair program for six different models of imported refrigerator/freezers beginning tomorrow, according to a press release Friday.

The six models were all manufactured in South Korea between June 2007 and May 2008. About 32,000 units of them have been sold in China.

Fuses will be added to the affected refrigerators for free to prevent possible hidden problems.

Samsung China said the defective products that were the subject of South Korea's biggest recall, which began late last month, have not been sold in China, and the six models only share similar designs with them.

The company added refrigerators produced by Samsung Electronics China's Suzhou Plant and all the ones imported after May 2008 do not have designs similar to the defective units.

On October 29, the appliance giant recalled more than 210,000 refrigerators produced between March 2005 and June 2006 in South Korea. The company cited defects in their defroster systems that may have caused an explosion in Samsung's home country October 10 and a similar blast in the UK in May.

Samsung Electronics China did not disclose how much the home visit and repair program would cost.

"Samsung is focused on the medium- and high-end refrigerator market in China," the company's marketing president Jin Rongxia was quoted by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association as saying on in August. Jin added that the company is planning to take up one-third of China's high-end refrigerator market.

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